Mold is a widespread problem that has become more prevalent as the Earth continues to experience climate change. This constant moisture environment in turn creates the perfect breeding ground for microscopic fungi. Mold grows better in damp conditions, so mold inspection is a vital step towards mold prevention. Once mold infestation has been identified, a mold removal service should be immediately contacted. The cost of residential mold inspections ranges significantly depending on the size of the infestation and whether any structural reconstruction is required and/or mold remediation is needed.

Mold inspections and testing can cost upwards of a couple of hundred dollars, with an additional cost for mold removal companies. Mold inspection companies are often certified by states to assure the best practices are being employed. Mold inspection companies can offer a free inspection and mold remediation estimate. In most cases, mold removal companies also offer mold testing services. Whether they are certified or not, mold cleanup and mold remediation services should be offered.

A qualified mold removal service will have the necessary equipment to perform inspections, including hygrometers, tape measures, visual scope, and ultraviolet light. Samples are often tested for a specific mold species to identify if the affected area actually has mold spores. A sample testing conducted for this purpose can be very sensitive and requires the expertise of a trained and experienced professional.

Mold remediation services include mold remediation and cleaning on a large scale. Depending on the severity of the infestation and the volume of infected materials, a mold removal service may suggest the use of appropriate cleaning products and/or treatments. Insurance companies often require companies to test samples of suspected infected building materials to determine the extent of the exposure. If it turns out positive, then the insurance company will often require the company to pay for the cost of cleaning and treating the contaminated areas. If samples are negative and the building is not significantly contaminated, the insurance company will often require the remediation services to be free of charge.

Most mold testing companies specialize in only one or two areas. However, there are mold remediation companies that provide nationwide coverage for a wide variety of mold problems. This kind of specialized service typically involves testing for only one specific type of mold species. If the company detects more than one mold species, then they will test for and treat all of them.

The importance of hiring a mold removal service cannot be underestimated. Once mold has been found on your premises, it may be too late. It is important to have your health problems addressed before the situation reaches a harmful level. Mold can produce toxins that can aggravate respiratory and circulatory systems as well as cause gastrointestinal issues, memory loss and learning disabilities.

When looking for certified mold removal companies, make sure to find one with a track record of success. Ask for references and ask the prospective companies to provide you with documented proof of previous clean up efforts. Companies that stand behind their work and are willing to provide clients with documented proof of their work are usually the best ones to work with.

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It is important to keep your property safe from any potential damage caused by mold. As such, make sure that you know the type and amount of coverage that you currently receive through your insurance provider. You should also know the process your insurance provider goes through when it comes to dealing with damage caused by molds. Many insurance providers require you to sign a master contract, which clearly outlines the scope of work, the duties of your pest control company and the timeframe for remediation and cleanup of any mold-infested materials. By keeping abreast of what your insurance provider requires and working with certified mold removal services, you can protect yourself, your family and your home.