Whether you live in Staten Island or not, if you have a problem with mold, you need to find a company that can come in and do a proper clean up job for you. The longer you allow mold to grow in your home, the more costly and difficult it will be to remove it. This is especially true if you live on Staten Island. Here at Dr. Mold Removal, our team of experts are ready to assist you in any way we can, from our expert carpet cleaning and mold remediation service, to our mold testing and removal service.

When calling a professional mold remediation company, make sure that they have a certified industrial hygienist on staff. These individuals will be able to determine what type of mold in your home has, which makes it easier to figure out how to prevent future occurrences. They will then give you the Mold Remediation recommendations for removing the mold and cleanup the contaminated areas. You should know exactly what type of contamination existed prior to calling the mold removal company.

The mold inspection team will then review the moisture levels in your home to determine what kind of mold problem exists. With an inspection, the experts can also determine if there was any lighting, water leaks or other water damage that contributed to the mold problem. The mold removal company may then recommend that you have a professional mold inspection performed, which will further evaluate the moisture issues in your home.

Next, the air quality testing team will conduct an air quality test to assess the air quality in your home. During this air quality test, they will determine if your home has a high concentration of airborne contaminants. If so, your mold removal company will provide you with recommended solutions to ensure that these contaminants are not entering your lungs through the air. This step is also important because mold can make people quite sick when they breathe in large amounts of airborne spores.

Once you have finalized the inspection and assessment of mold spore presence, you and your chosen mold removal company can move on to the remediation portion of the process. In most cases, the remediation involves vacuuming and washing floors, walls and roofs, as well as sealing all cracks and gaps to ensure that nothing grows back. It may be necessary to hire an engineer to inspect your entire premises to make sure that the site has been properly remediated. You might also need to hire an EPA certified remediation specialist to oversee the complete process.

Once the mold remediation has been completed, you will likely be instructed to remove any carpeting or other infested items immediately. Mold needs to be exposed to as much moisture as possible in order to cause the most harm. Once the infestation has been removed, the mold removal company will be able to sanitize the area, remove any excess moisture and dry any infected areas. This process can be time consuming, so it’s important to hire a team that is very efficient and thorough. Hiring a company that does a quality job will ensure that your home or business remains mold free for as long as possible.

If the moisture continues to remain in the building, a second mold removal company will be necessary. The team will use high-powered fans, special equipment and chemicals to completely dry the area of the infestation. It may be necessary to remove carpets and/or building materials in order to prevent the spores from spreading. The drying process should not be stopped until all infested objects have been totally removed from the area. Stopping the drying process prematurely will only allow the spores to spread further.

As soon as the mold removal company has completed their job, they will advise you of the next steps for your restoration project. They will also assist you in locating damaged areas of the infestation and repairing these areas using specialized equipment and mold-killing chemicals. If you hire professionals, you can be guaranteed of a much faster and more efficient restoration process. A reputable mold removal company will ensure that contaminated building materials and carpet are removed and that any standing water is properly dehumidified and dried out.